OTIS Technology


As our industry and world evolves, our platform is built to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Our proprietary software and in-house development team allow us to customize our tools to provide the best customer experience.

Our integration platform allows us to seamlessly connect our systems to yours

We offer an automagical experience for real time visibility to your activity. Our tracking tools provide direct online communication to our customer support teams to save you and your customer time.

We deliver more freight to more locations with the help of our proprietary engineering software which provides intelligent sequencing, turn by turn directions and more.

Your freight matters to us, so we monitor delivery performance with real time GPS based tracking

Our tools can predict a potential late delivery in advance to take action to prevent it.

For completed deliveries, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, we utilize signature capture technology and GPS coordinates to provide proof of delivery with signature and location and make it available to our customers in real time from our website.